Meadowlakes offers a sense of “Secluded Security” and of community for its residents.  We are unique in a number of ways.  Few communities can boast of:

-          Enjoying lakeside surroundings where you can live on the waterfront or, if you do not live on the water, use the community’s lakeside park and boat ramp with open access to Lake Marble Falls;

-          AND choosing to live in a pecan orchard containing roughly half of our streets and residents or choosing to live beside an 18-hole golf course offering great views for almost one-third of our residents that border the course;

-          AND sharing the seclusion and security of a gated community with 24 hour/7 day guards – and being able to use your golf cart with your children or grandchildren on your streets;

-          AND sharing that sense of community with other families, many of which are retirees – and just as many are young families with children.

We know many of our residents choose Meadowlakes for the security.  Our crime rate is almost non-existent.  Yes, as every community, we have a few vandals every once in a while – and a few of our drivers do not control their speed as they should.  Still, incidences are “few,” and our families and our children enjoy a great, safe environment -- free from many of the worries in today’s society.


Meadowlakes founders and community members (our property owners) formed an association almost fifty years ago to try and achieve a lifestyle as we enjoy today.  That association is the Meadowlakes Property Owners Association and includes every residential property within the community.  The Association is guided by the charter adopted by the founders in 1975 and by the covenants and bylaws that followed.  These guidelines provide a framework for maintaining and advancing the aesthetics, economic and social values of our community.   


The Association’s business is managed through a 7-member Board of Directors, elected by the property owners.  The Board’s job is to balance the needs for maintaining and advancing the interests of the community as presented in its rules without unnecessary infringement of the personal and property rights of individual property owners.  That balance is best achieved when property owners actively participate in the Annual and Monthly meetings of the Board.  Property owners are encouraged and requested to attend the meetings – and, to become members of the Board to assure a solid cross-section of our community is represented in formulating plans and decisions of the Board.  The

Annual meeting of the Association is held at 10 AM on the second Saturday of each October at the Hidden Falls clubhouse in Meadowlakes.  The Monthly meetings are held at 6 PM on the second Tuesday of each month in the City Hall.


As you drive in and around Meadowlakes, here are some suggestions that we hope you note of Association activities. 

-          First, as you enter, you will be greeted by a security guard at the only entrance to Meadowlakes.  As mentioned before, the gate is guarded 24/7 to protect the security and privacy of our residents.  Visitors to our residents or to the golf course or restaurant and service personnel are registered at the gate and invited into Meadowlakes.  This gate and guard are how we have “secluded security.”

- The streets, about 11 miles of them, belong to the Association, and the maintenance of the streets (which we strive to keep in very good condition) is the responsibility of the property owners, and one of our largest costs in the Association budget.  Oh, yes, you may notice our golf cart traffic. They have to follow the rules of the road as other vehicles; but they may be slow; please be considerate.

- You may notice that the homes in Meadowlakes all have a large amount of brick or stone.  That is because the homes in Meadowlakes conform to the Association’s architectural guidelines – as will future homes. 

- And, we hope you notice the remaining residential building sites are well maintained under covenant and ordinance.

- Our parks are situated in three different areas of our community and offer varying respite for our residents and guests – please visit our tab on “PARKS” for more information. 

-          And, if you are lucky enough to be here during our celebrations as on Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Christmas, you will notice a bunch of our families and friends (some big ones eating BBQ, some smaller ones having ice cream, some really little ones in painted faces) sharing the special occasions of our faith and our national heritage.


Meadowlakes is not large: just under 2,000 residents living in just over 900 homes, and we will not likely get much larger with just under 100 remaining building sites.  Although not large, our community and our community Association are strong both socially and financially as our founders envisioned Meadowlakes to be.  We invite you to visit our community and our Association to learn more.